Bill Mallonee and the Vigilantes of Love live on BBC Radio London Live 20th October 2000

I got into VOL a couple of years ago when my good friend Andy Higgs saw them at the Greenbelt festival and bought me their seven-track EP "Free for good". From then on I was hooked - I saw them twice in 2000 at the Borderline club in London and have recently been enjoying their current CD "Audible Sigh" - these MP3's are taken from a broadcast on the BBC's local radio station London Live - it went out on 20th October, the day before I saw them for a second time in Soho. Before anyone (especially PlusNet, my ISP) get worried, I asked Bill if he minded me posting these recordings and he was really cool with it. The interview which is four and a half minutes long is there as an MP3 as well as a RealAudio file (which will stream if you can't wait for it to download !). The quality is typical of FM radio here in London - not bad. All MP3's are encoded at 128kbits per sec.
Vigilantes of Love - Goes without saying.MP3 3min 19 sec,
3.12 Mbytes
I find it funny this song has changed so much in the last two years - different lyrics, different title !
Listen to "Cloth of Life" on "Free for good" to see what I mean.
Vigilantes of Love - Interview.MP3
Vigilantes of Love - Interview.ra
4min 29sec,
4.16 Mbytes
The RealAudio stream is encoded at 16kbits per sec - fine for 28k or better modems.
Vigilantes of Love - Solar system.MP3 3min 36 sec,
3.39 Mbytes
Just about the most tender song on "Audible Sigh", well, after "Resplendent"